Sustainability and Community AI Fair

Submission till 31 Dec 2022

  • The project has to be in one of the focus areas:

    • Community

    • Environment

  • Upload a project document and a demo video

    • Project Document:

      • It should have the following sections

      • Title: Please provide a title for your project. Provide a few words either describing your project or naming it (ex. providing the name of the app you created) 50 words max

      • Description: Describe the project and its functionality? - 250 words max.

      • Detail why this project is helpful to the community or the environment - 250 words max.

      • Implementation / Methods: How did you create the project? What tools did you use? What was your implementation workflow? - 500 words max.

      • Results - What are the key findings of your project? What has your project achieved? - 250 words

  • Demo Video:

    • Your video should be max 3 minutes long.

    • The purpose of the video is to demonstrate your project.