2022-23 Top Projects

Laura Gomezjurado and Juan Almanza

ASPAEN Iragua  and Colegio San Alberto Magno


1st Place Winner

AgroScan: empowering the Colombian countryside towards peace.

AgroScan will give farmers an early-detection tool that allows them to identify the infection in their crops and reduce spread before they are lost. Through Artificial Intelligence, our project aims to contribute to the peace process in Colombia and bring technology to historically marginalized areas.

Arya Manjaramkar

North Park Secondary School


2nd Place Winner


Equinox is a cohesive solution designed to identify students who have a high risk of dropping out of high school. School boards can use this tool to identify students who are at risk of not graduating from high school and may benefit from targeted interventions. Equinox provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution that can be adopted by education departments around the globe!

Neel Kondapalli and Shreyas Sambara

Dougherty Valley High School



Public speaking anxiety is a problem almost everyone faces. SpeechSplendid is an app that targets these two components of public speaking. The app provides numerous forms of semantic feedback to users, ranging from simple filler word summary statistics to complex behavioral and topic analysis. All the user has to do is upload a recording of their speech, and watch the feedback appear.

Kenneth Choi

International School



A majority of the 3.5 billion rice consumers do not have access to affordable healthcare. Thus, the best way to mitigate this rice problem is with the farmers who are cultivating this rice. However, the diseases on rice is almost unnoticeable by the human eye. Luckily, our convolutional neural network can quickly and accurately diagnose the rice disease in seconds.

Aaryan Doshi

Monta Vista High School


EcoTrav - A Novel Approach to Ensure Sustainable Travel

Each year, thousands of tourists from across the world flock to different places across the world to spend their summers. However, so many amazing sites are overlooked by tourists for more famous and popular destinations. Not only are we wasting the chance to witness all mother nature has to offer, but an influx of visitors to particular areas leads to overcrowding and pollution ‚ leading our planet to pay a hefty price. EcoTrav, directly tackles this by reducing crowds at popular tourist destinations, involving the locals in suggesting untapped natural beauties of their region while curating the perfect travel experience for users. 

Maria Tracy

Saint Joseph Academy


Tell Their Stories

Tell Their Stories is an interactive web application that seeks to educate users about the issue of period poverty around the world and provides them with ideas for how they can address period poverty in their own communities. 

Karthik Subramanian

American High School


SafeBox - An effective solution to prevent package theft

Last year alone, a C+R survey indicated that one in seven online shoppers had at least one package stolen. The goal of this project is to create a delivery box that prevents package theft by alerting the owner and the neighborhood in case of one. This project is built using Raspberry Pi with Arduino Uno. The system uses an HX711 load cell to continuously monitor the weight. When the weight is changed, the Arduino sensor sends the signal to Raspberry Pi which has the Python algorithm for alerts/notifications, along with passcode validation for the owners. 

Poverty Solvers Presentation.webm

Mya Jones

PG High School


Poverty Solvers

Poverty has affected around 650 million lives and it is still affecting many people to this day.  For this reason I thought it would be a good idea to create Poverty Solvers, a website with the intention to give users the ability to make a difference with poverty. Poverty Solvers is a resource for any person who would like to donate or volunteer to a foodbank, homeless shelter, or organization.

Ojas Mittal

Apeejay School Nerul



To make newspapers tremendous amount of trees are cut daily. In India itself, more than 240 million copies of newspapers are produced daily. So SAMACHAR (i.e. News in the Hindi language) aims to make this planet greener by switching people from physical newspapers to E-Newspaper so that no more trees have to be cut down to make Newspapers.

Justin Huang and Julia Huang

Northville High School


DebriDetec: An AI-powered app to reduce environmental pollution

DebriDetec is a convenient computer and mobile-friendly Streamlit web app that aids current environmental conservation movements to reduce pollution by not only having individuals clean up trash they see around them but also upload the image of the trash to our web app to receive a categorization of the trash type and provide other information to be sent to cleanup and environmental nonprofits, movements, companies, and data scientists for future data analyses that can aid future plans on how to clean up different environmental areas around the world.