Who are eligible to apply?

Ans: Anybody who is a student from 6th grade through 12th grade as on 15 Feb 2023

Is there an application fee?

Ans: No, there is no application fee of any kind. It's absolutely free to apply.

Who is organizing?

Ans: The competition and scholarships are organized by Community AI, which is a youth-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed to empower high and middle school students to help the community and the environment by building projects using the state of the art technologies and power of AI. You can learn more ways to get involved by visiting our website.

Who will judge the projects?

Ans: The projects will be judged by distinguished judges from industry and academia.

Is team project allowed?

Ans: Yes, up to 2 members in a team is allowed. Each team member should still register and indicate that it's a team project and name(s) of the other team member(s). If the project wins, prize needs to be distributed among team members and will be delivered to designated team leader.

Who can apply for a Scholarship?

Ans: An applicant who does not have the means and resources to execute the project can apply for a scholarship. Community AI will carefully look at the application and will determine the amount of scholarship. The scholarship is limited to US students

How will the prizes be awarded?

Ans: The cash prizes are awarded by checks in US Dollar and will be sent via US Postal service to the award recipient's name and address. A W9 form is required for any prize with cash value of $600 or more. If a team project is awarded any prize, the prize will be sent to the team leader/designated team member's address. If there is more than 1 member in the team, the prize money will be divided equally between the team members.